Uniforms and Equipment 2


Walking out, July 1940

The NCO is pictured here in 'walking out' dress. He is wearing a bayonet on his belt. On his tunic is the Infantry Assault Badge, Black Wound Badge and Iron Cross 2nd Class ribbon. 

      Wearing the NCOs schirmutze or peaked cap

           Wearing the M38 feldmutze or sidecap


Assault across the Border, June 22nd 1941

The MG34 gunner wears Y straps to help support his equipment. Attached to the back of the Y straps is the A frame. To this is attached his Zeltbahn, messtin and the small A frame bag for personal items. The A frame could also have a blanket attached if needed. He now wears his gas cap bag attached to his gasmask canister.

Attached to the left of his belt he wears a Radom pistol in a holster for close defence. On the right he wears the machine gunners pouch. This contains essential items for the MG34 such as an oil bottle, spare bolt and spanners. On the front of this is the asbestos pad for changing hot barrels.