M36 Tunic (Feldbluse)

The M36 tunic had a dark green collar and utilised dark green shoulderboards. The pockets were pleated and scalloped. The national eagle on the right breast is made of wool. Four aluminium belt hooks support the equipment belt through internal suspension straps and holes in the tunic. The early war collar litzen on the collar are backed on dark green and sport the white waffenfarbe (arm of service colour) of the infantry. Later tunics were simplified to keep costs down the M40 for example did not have the dark green collar, the M43 and M44 were simplified even further and the quality suffered.

On the inside of the collar was buttoned the kragenbinden or collar liner. This was worn because many shirts didn't have collars in the 1930s.

                                 M36 Tunic. Note aluminium belt hooks and 'kragenbinden' collar liner.