Trousers (Hose)

These are pre-war trousers that are archetypal of the early war infantryman and are very similar to those worn in WW1. They are made of a stone grey wool material. The trousers have a button fly, adjustable strap at rear and a watch fob pocket on the front right hand side. These trousers could only be worn with braces. 

Later trousers were coloured the same ‘field grey’ as the tunics but there were vast stocks of this type and they were in fact being issued until the end of the war.


    Front. Note watch fob pocket near fly                       Rear. Note strap for adjusting waist size

Jackboots (Marschsteifel)

Another piece of equipment that is associated with the archetypal German soldier. These boots had leather soles that were studded and had heel and toe plates. By 1942 ankle boots were being issued but the jackboot was in use until the end of the war.