Wehrmacht Ranks

Below are listed Wehrmacht small unit ranks and their equivalents in the British and American armies. On the left is the appropriate shoulder board to the rank and any rank badges that were worn on the left sleeve. Please note that Officer candidates are not included.

Wehrmacht          British           American

Schutze                                             Private                                    Private


Oberschutze                                    None                                       Private 1st Class


Gefreiter                                            Lance Corporal                    None


Obergefreiter                                     None                                       None



Obergefreiter(+6 years service) #  None                                        None   


Unteroffizier                                      Corporal                                  Corporal


Unterfeldwebel                                Sergeant                                Sergeant


Feldwebel                                         Staff Sergeant                        Staff Sergeant


Oberfeldwebel                                 Warrant Officer                      Master Sergeant

                                                             Second Class

Stabsfeldwebel                               Warrant Officer                        Warrant Officer

                                                                First Class

Leutnant                                            Second Lieutenant               Second Lieutenant

Oberleutnant                                    Lieutenant                               Lieutenant

Hauptmann                                     Captain                                      Captain


# This was abolished after 1942