Other Photos

Below are photos of Das Heer that don't fit into the early war category. These include members wearing other uniforms or photos of us wearing late war uniforms and equipment on our field weekends.

LH31.jpg (57582 bytes)

Squad moving forward

panzerknacker1.jpg (63008 bytes)


Emil, Beltring.jpg (35940 bytes)

Knocked out Sherman

hagerkriegs.jpg (84543 bytes)

Hager in a change of uniform!

weiserbeltring2.jpg (88055 bytes)

Blending in

trenchbeltring.jpg (75496 bytes)

Dug in at the front

duitserronny.JPG (69043 bytes)

Bergmann on patrol

shermanbelt.jpg (122116 bytes)

Ostmann and Werner pass a burning Sherman


lh041.jpg (166755 bytes)

Kelner spots the enemy, field weekend 2004

lh044.jpg (187008 bytes)

Weisser takes aim, field weekend

lh042.jpg (100851 bytes)

Before moving out on patrol, field weekend

lh045.jpg (157643 bytes)

Patrolling, field weekend

lh046.jpg (127935 bytes)

Schutze Schreiber - what a wicked haircut!

lh043.jpg (106586 bytes)

Our victorious men take a ride in a captured jeep

lh48.jpg (64330 bytes)

MG team give covering fire

beltflag.jpg (95360 bytes)

Squad in front of captured T34 with Soviet flag

panzer6.jpg (105551 bytes)

Ostmann's previous alter ego!