Below are some links for sites which I have found useful or interesting in the past. I hope you enjoy visiting them!


Militaria Dealers

SOLDAT FHQ  Cyrus Lee's site in the States. Selling the highest quality awards, insignia etc.

RICHARD UNDERWOOD  We use Richard for most of our fieldgear,  tunics and smaller personal items.

SOLDIER OF FORTUNE  We also use SOF for tunics, fieldgear and insignia.

GERMAN MILITARIA  An interesting site with some good information and photos on German machineguns and other weapons.


Other Re-enactment Groups

7th COMPANY GROSSDEUTSCHLAND Bob Lawrence's very impressive GD re-enactment group in the States - they don't get any bigger than this.

PANZER FUSILIER REGIMENT GROSSDEUTSCHLAND A top Living History group portraying the men of the elite Fusilier Regiment Grossdeutschland on the Eastern Front. 

FELDGENDARMERIE TRUPP 82  A group portraying Military Policemen of the 2nd Panzer Division. They are members of the LHA and have a very informative website and some interesting vehicles.

THE GERMAN VEHICLE AND RE-ENACTMENT GROUP BELGIUM Our associate Belgian member's website. You have to admire these guys doing this in a country that was occupied by the Germans.

LUFTWAFFE HISTORICAL GROUP  A UK based group portraying paratroopers of FJR6, troops of the 17th Luftwaffe field division, pilots of JG26 and Helferinnen. This group are highly authentic and have some great infantry weapons.

GROSSDEUTSCHLAND BELGIUM Another group from Belgium. Newly formed but with a professional looking website. Only in Dutch at present!

USMP  A recently formed group run by a friend that portrays US Military Policemen during WW2.



Reference Sites

AXIS HISTORY FACTBOOK  A wealth of information on the Axis during WW2, a must for the historian.

FELDGRAU  A top site with a wealth of information on the German armed forces from 1918 until 1945. A great site for researchers.

ACHTUNG PANZER  An outstanding site for those seeking information on German AFVs and vehicles of WW2.

WEHRMACHT AWARDS  If you want to know all about Third Reich medals and awards then this is the site for you.

U-BOAT. NET  A huge site on U boats in WW1 and WW2. A wealth of information on the boats, crews and losses on both sides.

LANDSER Michael Dorosh's site gives a wealth of info pertinent to the re-enacting fraternity.



ASHTON LAMONT PHOTOGRAPHY   Professional photographers. See the quality of their work on their  website and on our Beltring 2004 photos page.

UKMS We support the UKMS militaria fairs and regularly attend their monthly fair at Chatham. They are going from strength to strength and have plans for new venues in the future.

EVENTPLAN Howard Giles' company work with re-enactors, show organisers and TV / film companies to provide highly authentic events from virtually any historical era.