Early War Photos

Below are some pictures of Das Heer as we would normally appear, wearing early war uniforms and equipment.

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Group Tilbury.jpg (154218 bytes)

Das Heer at Tilbury Fort, 2003

MG Team Tilbury.jpg (113464 bytes)

MG34 Team at Tilbury

mg13brenley4.jpg (92295 bytes)

MG13 in action

mgbrenley4.jpg (134821 bytes)

MG 34 in action

mgbrenley5.jpg (68535 bytes)

MG34 in cover

ostmannbrenley.jpg (49719 bytes)

Ostmann moves forward

prisoner.jpg (134976 bytes)

Prisoner, Tilbury

squadbrenley4.jpg (73972 bytes)

Squad at rest

takeaimbrenley.jpg (160305 bytes)

Enemy spotted!

squadbrenley.jpg (69680 bytes)

On patrol

widley3.jpg (69899 bytes)

Fort Widley

bearings1.jpg (125816 bytes)

Getting our bearings

crossing.jpg (88534 bytes)

Crossing under fire

forcedentry.jpg (78990 bytes)

Searching for snipers

longmarch1.jpg (91822 bytes)

The long march

relax.jpg (137639 bytes)

Time to relax

telephone.jpg (94124 bytes)

'Hager am apparat!'

kemble1.jpg (52462 bytes)

The Leutnant inspects the men, Kemble 2004

kemble3.jpg (53992 bytes)

Ostmann briefs the men, Kemble 2004. Note the authentic vehicle to the rear!

schwarzsteiner.jpg (85695 bytes)

Men of the 27th in action in a French goods yard

train.jpg (58319 bytes)

Schwarzmuller on guard at the station

winterchat.jpg (139658 bytes)

MG34 Team in rudimentary snow cammo, Chatham

xmas9.jpg (119772 bytes)

MG34 team in action, Chatham.

xmas8.jpg (129060 bytes)


xmas5.jpg (259838 bytes)

Winter scene, Chatham December 2004 / December 1939 - German-French border!