About Das Heer

Das Heer is a Living History Society based in the south of England although we have members from various parts of the UK. We are at present a small society but our members are dedicated and we believe our standards of authenticity are very high.

Das Heer was formed in the summer of 2003 when the infantry element of Der Adler broke away from the group.

The aim of our society is portray the ordinary German soldier going about his duties during World War 2. To that end we are not politically motivated nor do we wish to glorify war. We do not condone the acts of atrocity and barbarity carried out in the name of Germany from 1933 –1945. Das Heer does not accept anyone with extreme political views or ideals.

We believe we are unique in that we are the only group in the UK that portrays the early war German infantryman. Das Heer concentrates on the period immediately before the war through until the end of 1941 prior to the reverses in the east.

Das Heer portrays the men of the 2nd Company, 1st Battalion of the 27th Infantry Regiment from the 12th Infantry Division. The 12th Infantry was a Pomeranian / Mecklenburg unit whose Divisional symbol was a charging European Bison. For the history of the 12th click here.

The decision to portray the 12th Infantry Division was taken because we believe that the ordinary German soldier of WW2 is not adequately represented in re-enactment circles and there seems to be a tendency to portray late war elite units.  

The society is active throughout the year and attends many different types of venues from English Heritage sites to military spectaculars such as the War and Peace show at Beltring. As well as these events we regularly attend the monthly militaria fair at the Chatham Historic Dockyard. In the off-season we hold training weekends at a converted barn in the heart of Kent. We also have access to two venues of over 200 acres where we hold our ‘field weekend’. Here our members live in the field using original equipment. The idea behind this is to take Das Heer beyond just dressing up for a few days in front of the public. Members experience marching in full kit, night patrols, digging in and sleeping in the field. This kind of experience only serves to add to our knowledge and bring those experiences to our public displays with increased authenticity.

On joining Das Heer members receive a 'handbook' that covers many aspects on German soldiering and re-enactment. To add to authenticity all our members have a German name and life profile supported by the relevant paperwork.  Members also receive training in basic German language, German drill and weapons handling. Once a month members receive the Das Heer newsletter Der Soldat which has event reports, information of forthcoming events and numerous articles of interest.

Das Heer is keen to participate in all types of event whether large or small. Our members are very knowledgeable in our chosen interest and a number of us have given talks on the subject. We are able to advise on historical accuracy and are happy to work with organisers to help create a unique event.

If you would like to become a landser in the 12th Infantry and re-enact the years of victory or contact us for any other reason then you can get in touch via our contact us page.