Original Photos

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On these pages you will find scans of some original photographs from my collection. I have no idea whether any are pictures of men from the 12th Infantry Division but I'd like to think that there may be one or two in there!

As you will see the majority of them are early or pre-war which is the period that Das Heer portrays. I have tried to give a description based on my observations and information written on the back of some of them.

These will be added to as time goes on so please come back and have a look again in the future



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Crossing the bridge at Lublin, Poland in 1939

These two are of men preparing a meal in the field. The state of their dress, some are

wearing fatigues, means they are away from the front and could well be on an exercise

NCOs being awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class. Note the helmet decals.

Probably in France 1940

This photo is actually of Luftwaffe anti-aircraft gunners but gives a good view

of the 88mm Flak 36 that was used so effectively in the anti-tank role

This is a set of six pictures showing the funeral of a Wehrmacht officer, Leutnant

Jochen Joensch in Russia in early 1942. The grave maker shows that he fell on the

8th January 1942 in his 28th year.


A group of men outside a building, probably in the West about 1940 to 1941.

Note the breeches which implies that they are cavalry.

A Gefreiter and Schutze with two horses. The horse harnesses mean they could be

from a transport or artillery unit.

This appears to be a pre-war picture of an Infantry company on the march. They are

wearing tornisters and on the original you can see they are wearing portepees with

their bayonets.

A tired and dusty looking infantry platoon on the march. This is probably

in France 1940.

A platoon of medical troops on the parade ground (Note the badges on the

sleeve). An interesting photo in that they don't seem to be completely in step!

A great photo of troops presenting arms. The senior NCO, bugler and last man

all wear the marksmanship lanyard

 'Prisoners'. Looks like the Soviet Union in

the summer of 1941.

'A pause in the advance'. Worn out troops asleep by their vehicles. They could well be

reconnaissance troops.

'Sleeping rough every time there's a stop!' Lohojsk, Poland, 1939.

A nice photo of some infantrymen wearing tornisters. This must be 1940 or later

as some are wearing M40 tunics

This one is dated 25th April 1941, Falkenberg, Germany. Troops on

a training exercise

A good view of a soldier preparing a meal next to his zeltbahn

These two pictures are of a rifle platoon on the march led by their senior NCO. It appears as though they are at a training area. The photos are stamped 'Neuhammer' on the back so that could well be where they were taken. The landser behind the NCO has an MG pouch on his belt and appears to be carrying what I believe to be a ZB26 machine gun.